Pastor Jean Clements

Our appointed Worship Leader is Pastor Jean Clements

Jean became a member of New Chapel shortly after her son’s baptism here in 2008.

Being inspired, she took her first service in the summer of 2011, and since then, has successfully completed several General Assembly approved qualifications.

She has been our appointed Worship Leader since September of 2014, and is currently our 5th longest serving minister!

Jean is also our government approved authorised person to solemnize marriages.

Her style of worship makes Jean very popular, not only at New Chapel, but also amongst neighbouring congregations. Accordingly, she’s very well known at Park Lane Chapel, Cairo Street Chapel and Scarborough Unitarians, to name but a few.

Within the local community, Jean works very hard to fundraise for the chapel and has previously embarked on a charity sky dive, in addition to publishing several books and organising many of our social events.

Being a valued member of the PTA of Russell Scott Primary School, Jean also works very closely with the school in order to reforge our links and she also conducts charitable services throughout the year – these include the annual Wave of Light service for a local child bereavement charity.

Her popularity within the local community means that Jean’s regularly asked to conduct many rites of passage – not only within our own church, but also at many crematoriums across the region.

Jean has written a book, ‘Life is the Greatest Miracle’ – a collection of thoughts, sermons, poems, and short stories – all written by Jean herself. All proceeds from the book are donated to New Chapel. Please do get in touch if you would like to buy a copy.

To ensure that our congregation experiences a wide variety of worship styles, including different viewpoints and faiths, we frequently invite a variety of guest speakers to our pulpit, as well.

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