A few words about Unitarian Worship

As Unitarians, we have our roots in traditional Judeo-Christian heritage and we also encapsulate the Free Christian Movement.

Understanding, and listening to one another’s viewpoints enables us to further expand our own spiritual journey. We encourage each other to think openly, with no set dogma or creed.

We guarantee that no two Sunday Services are the same!

In 2022, we began a trial of Secular Sunday Gatherings that are designed to cater for those with no faith. The Gatherings are completely different from our traditional Sunday Services – there are no hymns, no prayers and no references to God.

Forthcoming Worship

All Services at 11am unless otherwise stated

January 2024

Sunday 7th – Tom Grimshaw

Sunday 14th – GA President Vince McCully

Sunday 21st – Alyson Brookfield

Sunday 28th – Pastor Jean Clements

February 2024

Sunday 4th – AGM

Sunday 11th – Clare Williamson

Sunday 18th – Bronwyn Lowe

Sunday 25th – Pastor Jean Clements

March 2024

Sunday 3rd – Tom Grimshaw

Sunday 10th – Alyson Brookfield

Sunday 17th- Ken Howard

Sunday 24th – Pastor Jean Clements (Palm Sunday)

Sunday 31st – Tom Grimshaw (Easter Sunday)