Rites of Passage

Weddings and Vow Renewal

Every love story and every relationship is unique, and so are our wedding services.  Jean works alongside couples to ensure that all ceremonies are truly memorable occasions.

All we ask, is that each couple attends at least 3 Sunday Services taken by Jean on the run up to their wedding day.  This will familiarise the couple with the building and congregation, and also will give them an insight to our beliefs and what we are about.

In 2014 when the 1949 Marriage Act was updated to include same sex marriages, New Chapel were the first church within Denton to re-register, enabling us to conduct and solemnise ALL marriages – regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


  • I am divorced, is this a problem? No absolutely not, this is a celebration of your love and we completely understand that relationships do break down.
  • I have step children, can they be included within the service? Yes, in fact when there are stepchildren within the marriage Jean likes to include them in the service as she believes that the role of stepparents are very special in today’s society and as such will invite the step parent if they would like to make a promise to the stepchild during the service.
  • Can we dress the venue? Yes absolutely, as you will see from some photographs on our gallery page, many couple have opted to hire a venue dresser to decorate the chapel accordingly.
  • Do we have to attend church? As mentioned above we recommend that you attend at least 3 Sunday services prior to your big day.
  • How much does it cost? At New Chapel we understand that there are many couples who not only are on a budget but also many who do not wish to marry because of the high costs involved. Therefore we have actually put together a one set fee which covers, church hire, ministers fee, authorised persons fee, cleaning, up to 50 black and white orders of service, scattering flowers for the altar and other sundries if required such as wine for the wine cup ceremony and hand made chords should you require hand-fasting being performed during your ceremony. Please contact Jean direct to discuss the one set price and availability.


Baptisms in traditional mainstream churches are performed as the washing away of sins and original sin.  However, at New Chapel, we believe that baptism is a way of celebrating the gift of a child and welcoming them into the world, regardless of beliefs.

Each child that is born into this world is special and unique, and so is the ceremony.  Jean works with the family to ensure that the service is as perfect as their child!

We get asked many questions about Baptisms so here are some FAQ


  • Can you baptise an adult? Yes, of course.
  • I haven’t been baptised, so can my child be baptised? Yes.
  • Do I have to attend church? We respectfully request that you attend 3 services prior to your ceremony.
  • Is there a fee payable? Yes, the fee covers not only your tailor made service but also the ministers fee, chapel hire, up to 50 black and white orders of service, gift for the child, laminated certificate of baptism and scattering flowers for the altar.
  • Does it have to take place on a Sunday? No, baptisms can take place any day of the week providing that Jean and the chapel are available.
  • Myself and my Partner are not married, is this a problem? No absolutely not, we understand that everyone’s life is different and when we say we welcome EVERYBODY we mean it.


As with all of our Rites of Passage, Jean prides herself on working very closely with families to create a unique celebration of life, memorable for the right reasons. Although funerals have been traditionally sombre occasions, there are no set rules as to how you want the tone of the funeral to be.  During Jean’s ministry, she has conducted hundreds of funeral services, including traditional, non-religious, those with Pagan elements, elements of Hinduism, and so on, encapsulating the beliefs and spirit of the person being celebrated.

Funerals can be conducted within our church, or at the crematorium or cemetery of your choice. Just express your wishes to your chosen funeral director.

Other Ceremonies

We’re happy to mark any special occasions, and offer appropriate ceremonies to suit, including Coming of Age celebration, blessings of relationships without the legal implications of marriage and transgender baptisms. (Please see the Baptism section.)